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  • APF ALL PACIFIC FINANCIAL, Inc. - Loan and mortgage services in Los Angeles, Valley and Orange County.

  • MSN HomeAdvisor: Find a Loan - MSN HomeAdvisor: Learn the ins and outs about home financing. Whether you want to finance, refinance or get a 2nd mortgage; HomeAdvisor can help you through the entire financing process.

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  • CardRatings.com. Credit Cards R Us! - Free U.S. credit card consumer report (rates, rebates, etc.)! Listed as one of the web's best "Banking & Investment" sites by Smart Computing magazine! Report courtesy of Citizens for Fair Credit Card Terms (CFCCT).(only rate U.S. credit cards).

  • StudentCredit.com: Student Credit Cards - StudentCredit.com is becoming the new way college students apply for credit cards and learn good credit management skills. StudentCredit.com has a large credit management section and offers a variety of credit cards and loans for students.

  • Need information on a car now? 4autoquotes.com has it! - 4autoquotes.com offers access to instant auto insurance rates, new & used car pricing, leases, & loans from top companies. How much can you save?

  • Mortgage Clicks - Making California Home Loans easy and convenient. Apply Online. Usually no W-2's or tax returns required.

  • Consumer Credit Repair - The "Recognized Authority in Self-help Consumer Credit Repair" featured in national media. Consumer advocate loan & credit resources to maximize credit scores. Mortgage calculator. Expert real estate advice.

  • Unsecured VISA Credit Card - Apply Online - Visa - A great way to establish or re-establish your credit. Apply online for our unsecured Visa credit card - secure server - no deposit - no obligation.

    1800anyLoan.com - '1800anyLoan.com' offers a diversified line of consumer finance products such as mortgages, debt consolidation, purchase, auto, personal, credit card, student and business loans (equipment financing, SBA loans, business lines of credit).

  • LendingTree - The Online Loan Center - Free loan rate quotes - No fees. Answer one set of questions and within two business days you can receive responses from multiple lenders. Home, mortgage, auto, personal loans, credit cards. Secure server - no obligation.

  • Auto Loans, Car Loans from 1-800 DRIVE TODAY - Fast, easy, free service. Auto loans for individuals with good and bad credit. Also guaranteed credit cards for people with problem credit.

  • Guaranteed Unsecured Credit Cards - You are GUARANTEED to qualify for at least three unsecured Visa or MasterCards just by meeting our basic requirements.

  • Finance-Center.com - Get a Loan Online!

  • Care-Mor Home Loans - Knowledge,Integrity & Service at a Click(SM) On-Line Loans with a Personal Touch!

  • BestRate.com - As a member of the BestRate.com affiliate network your site visitors will be able to shop rates on mortgages, home equity loans, auto loans and credit cards from hundreds of participating lenders. Rates are updated daily. BestRate.com was rated as one.

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  • Alternative Financing Sources - Bad Credit Lending Directory - Information for those with debt problems including directories of lenders working with bad credit borrowers to obtain a home mortgage, equity loan, auto loan, unsecured or secured credit card, or commercial loan and avoiding bankruptcy or foreclosure.

  • America Mortgage Online - Online mortgage rates from over 700 lenders. Mortgage calculators, prequalification, secure applications, FHA, VA, Credit Impaired, Commercial, and more. Visit Today!

  • What is credit scoring? Credit scoring is a system creditors use to help determine whether to give you credit..

  • The Fair Credit Reporting Act.

  • Consumer protection services for automobile (leased, rent or buy).

  • Buying a Used Car. Before you start shopping for a car, you'll need to do some homework. Spending time now may save you serious money later.

  • Buying A New Car. Consider these suggestions.

  • A consumer guide to vehicle leasing. This information will help you compare lease offers and negotiate a lease that best fits your needs, budget, and driving patterns.

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