Here is our easist solution for web site promotion.

If you reached here by clicking on this banner (or a look alike) your in a right place.

- We host your banner (125 x 125 pixel) or bigger up to (144 x 144 pixel) in .GIF or .JPG format with a maximum size of 10 k.
or a table box (144 x 144) including text, logo and image.

- With a direct link to your site. no traffic control programs (CGIs) in between, to enhance your page rank in robotics search engeens like Google, Altavista, Yahoo (Inktomi portion), Alltheweb, and others

- All pages that host your banner have less than 2000 impression per month.

- The cost is $30 per month for each page.
- Minimum requierment is for 3 months ($90).
- We do not accept unrelated banners or advertisement.
- All payments should be made by check.

As of : Wednesday, 13-Dec-2017 23:53:43 CST
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