To get an idea about web sites, here is some samples of our works.
    This company has large showroom in west Los Angeles, With multiple suppliers and fast growing number of items around 19000, and daily updates. This site is very fast and easy to navigate.
    For all your laptop, desktop, server, memory and other computer needs visit the store front.

  • Apex Imaging.
    One of the biggest supplier of copier, printer, FAX and multi functional office machine consumables. The major client off this company is U.S. Government and Army.
    We built the retail store front on the web

    This is a portal about laptop and PDA's with search engine, classified ads and mailing list.
    There is no shopping system and all the link pages are human edited. The buyer's guide is a of line database driven. The concept is very comprehensive and easy to navigate.

    A portal about new Tablet PCs.
    There is no shopping system and all the link pages are human edited. News section is sorted per brand with latest update every 15 minutes.


  • EzTel International


    A computer and office electronics referral site. With more than 3000 items in 46 categories. A memory finder and search engine.

    Discount long distance and callback services.
    Save up to 80% on international calls from and to any country in the world!. International long distance all at low U.S. rates.

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